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Providing Strong Legal Guidance To Help Insurance Companies Resolve Subrogation Claims

At Lerner & Weiss, we understand that insurers need to limit their losses by exercising their rights to subrogation. Our insurance law attorneys have experience successfully recovering payments made by our insurance carrier clients to their insured’s for damage caused by third parties, including losses caused by fire, water, electrical, construction and auto-related events.

As subrogation cases often require both skilled legal and detective work, Lerner & Weiss has access to a network of experts who collect evidence as to the cause and origin of the underlying incident. This allows the insurance attorneys at Lerner & Weiss to make a full and complete determination as to who is liable for the damages suffered by its client and on what legal theories.

This leads to extraordinary success enjoyed by clients of Lerner & Weiss in recovering money paid out for claims from the responsible third parties.

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